Pool Management

USA Pools of Indiana is committed to providing you with the highest quality of Pool Management.  We provide a variety of services that are tailored to your specific aquatic needs. Let USA Pools of Indiana assist you in your next aquatic venture.

With years of experience in Swimming Pool Management and Aquatic Facility Management , USA Pools of Indiana has created a formula for success!  USA Management supports USA Pools of Indiana well as several other independent operations in other cities and states by providing the necessary structure, programs, expertise, buying power, guidance, and resources to insure that all regions operate at their optimum level of  pool management and care. USA Pools of Indiana has customized its swimming pool cleaning, maintenance and management approach to include every facet of professional swimming pool operations. Our Pool Management packages include but are not limited to:

Additional services we can Provide for your aquatic facility

Aquatic Directors, Pool Managers, Lifeguards, CSR, Swim Instructors & Coaches

Payroll, Taxes, Insurance, Workers Comp

Chemicals and Supplies

and Closing

State and Local Code Inspections

OSHA Requirements

Winter Swimming Pool Maintenance

Pre and Post Walk Through Evaluations

General, Professional and Punitive Damages Insurance

Training, Certifications, Testing

Continuing Bi-Weekly Meetings & Training

How would you benefit?