Water safety is what USA Pools of Indiana calls the "KIDS SAFE" PROGRAM


USA Pools of Indiana wants to have water safety kids by the implementation of our Kids Safe program.  We have developed all of these important water safety programs that help promote responsible swimming and water safety kids.  No matter what the swimming skill level, kids MUST be properly supervised.  Our Kid safe programs have been such a huge success that most people in the aquatic field have imitated and copied our programs which we find very humbling.  We could not have achieved these programs without a lot of hard work.
Water can be dangerous for kids without the proper precautions.  The good news is that there are many ways to keep your kids safe in water.  You must always watch your children closely when they are in or near any water.  We call it the touch supervision.  It doesn't matter if a kid is a new born, infant, toddler, child, pre-teen and/ or a teen all kids need proper supervision. Kids always need to be water safe. While lifeguards are an important part of helping to provide water safety and enforcing water safety rules, only YOU can guarantee your child's safety in and around water.

The earth is 75% water
can you swim?

USA Pools of Indiana to know who has passed the swim test, who is more comfortable around water, and assist parents to know their water safety kids.  Kids that cannot pass this test must either wear a coast guard approved life jacket or have a parent or guarding in the water with them at ALL times (touch supervision).  While we know this is NOT a popular USA water safety rule, we understand that Kids Safety and Water Safety is more important than being popular.

Water safety for Kids